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  • Xavier

    Xavier    Read a chapter

    Nearly 5000 years ago an evil tyrant punished the people of his kingdom and left them a warning that would last forever. Now when eleven year-old Crystal Jackson opens a birthday gift from her mom, she has no idea of the ancient danger that is about to be unleashed. In an adventure that takes Crystal half way around the world, she must rely on her instincts to stay out of harm’s way and find the real truth behind the mysterious Eye of Xavier.

    $12.95 USD

  • Blizzard

    Blizzard    Read a chapter

    Camping with his dad in the back woods since the age of five, ten year-old Zach has learned the skills to survive in the wilderness. But when he and his seven year-old sister Amy are caught alone in a mountain snow storm, nothing can prepare him for the dangers they will face. With a mysterious mountain man looming nearby and a pack of wolves waiting for them to make a mistake, the two kids are in for the biggest challenge of their young lives.

    $12.95 USD

  • The Haunted Quest

    The Haunted Quest    Read a chapter

    Harrington Manor has long been a mystery to eleven year-old best friends Peter and Bridget. Now, through a Halloween contest, they get the chance to explore the secrecy of the puzzling mansion and win their dream playhouse. But in order to walk away with the grand prize, they must overcome their fears and defeat the two biggest bullies in the school. From darkness and ghosts to spiders and coffins, the kids must trust each other and follow the clues in order to complete the Haunted Quest.

    $12.95 USD

  • The Lost Ring

    The Lost Ring    Read a chapter

    When Sara and Adam’s parents died, their lives were changed forever. Living in the big city with their evil Aunt Wheezer is anything but pleasant for the young brother and sister until one day when they find something so valuable that their lives are changed again. The kids are determined to do the right thing with their new possession, but not everyone in the big city feels the same way and some will do anything to take what Sara and Adam have found.

    $12.95 USD

  • The Gold of Angel Island

    The Gold of Angel Island    Read a chapter

    The legend of Angel Island is known to treasure hunters throughout the world. Dark and musty caves filled with gold await anyone brave enough to risk their lives for fame and fortune and Rison and Keal are two brothers willing to risk everything in search of riches that will save their ailing mother. Faced with treachery and challenges at every turn, the boys must make new friends and avoid dangerous enemies. The trouble on Angel Island is knowing which one is which.

    $12.95 USD