Lunchbox Stories


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    • The Chief The Chief

      The Chief is the leader of the only native tribe on Angel Island. Upon meeting you, he'll offer a wide smile and a greeting of "Goobley moco wibbly tutu." But unless you speak in his native language, you won't be sure if that means "he wants you OVER for dinner" or if "he wants to HAVE you for dinner".

    • Bartholomew Finch Bartholomew Finch

      Mr. Finch has been searching for gold on Angel Island for months. With his big city looks and sophisticated charm, he appears to be someone you can trust. But don't be fooled, Bartholomew Finch will do anything to get what he wants, and what he wants from Angel Island is Gold!

    • The Captain The Captain

      Wearing two ivory handled knives and alligator-like boots, The Captain is a man you don't want to cross. His ship, The Dagger, is the fastest ship in the sea and he'll stop at nothing to find the gold of Angel Island.

    • Keal Keal

      Keal is Rison's ten year-old adventurous younger brother. Full of energy and bold beyond his years, Keal is not afraid of anything. Unfortunately that courageous and daring spirit sometimes gets him in trouble and Angel Island is not a place to flirt with danger.

    • Rison Rison

      Rison is a twelve year-old boy that lives with his parents and younger brother on a small strip of land not far from Angel Island. He's an intelligent lad who is not afraid to match his wits against anyone who threatens his family. The only thing that frightens this brave boy is his fear of heights.


    • Adam Adam

      Adam is a seven year-old boy who has not yet recovered from losing his parents in a car accident. He is deathly afraid of Taxi's and begins to sweat at even the sight of the yellow checkered cars. His favorite place in the world is the city park and he adores his older sister Sara.

    • Sara Sara

      After her parents died, twelve year-old Sara became the only one left to look after her younger brother Adam. With a motherly instinct and an honest heart she is wise beyond her years. Her favorite things in life are cats and dogs and she loves the color pink.

    • James James

      As the lead doorman for the prestigious Radford Hotel, James has seen and experienced everything the big city has to offer. Everyone admires him for his integrity, wisdom and intelligence. The only thing missing in his life is a family to love and call his own.

    • Wheezer Wheezer

      Aunt Winifred sees herself as the unfortunate soul that has to take care of her dearly departed sister's two worthless kids. She keeps her red knife-like fingernails long and sharp to constantly remind her niece and nephew who makes the rules in her house. The kids secretly call her Wheezer because of the peculiar sound that escapes her beak-shaped nose.

    • Rupert Starks Rupert Starks

      Always looking for fast money and the easy life, Rupert Starks is an ex-jailbird and an all around rotten guy. Working for City Subway Security is only a temporary job as he waits to find that once-in-a-lifetime way to become rich, even if it means he has to hurt two little kids to do it.


    • Peter Peter

      Peter, the eleven year-old Haunted Quest contestant has been waiting all summer for his chance to win the grand prize. Tall and athletic, he is well liked in school and loves math and baseball. His best friend in the world is his next door neighbor Bridget Mathews.

    • Bridget Bridget

      Bridget has been best friends with Peter Shanty for all eleven years of her life and winning the grand prize means they get to build their dream playhouse. She can't wait to see the inside of Harrington Manor, but hopes it's not too dirty or scary. She HATES Spiders!!

    • Larry Larry

      Larry has been roaming the halls of Harrington Manor for years and will always protect the place he calls home. He's not your average ghost though. With a love of chocolate cake and a fear or two of his own, sometimes even Larry needs some help from his friends.

    • Chester McHenry Chester McHenry

      Older than his twin brother by two and a half minutes, Chester is the leader of the two-boy wrecking machine called the McHenry's. The red-haired eighth grader leads a relentless attack on innocent kids everywhere and punishes his worst enemies with the dreaded McHenry Thunder Punch.

    • Lester McHenry Lester McHenry

      Lester McHenry is the sinister reproduction of his evil twin Chester. Equal in size and strength, this freckle-faced terror follows his brother's lead and deposits pain on anyone lucky enough to slip past Chester's grasp.


    • Zach Zach

      Ten year-old Zach feels at home in the woods and dreams of being a Forest Ranger when he grows up. With his trusty dog Brutus at his side, they are no strangers to adventure. Strong and smart, Zach loves to explore new places and in the summertime he enjoys riding his motorcycle in the mud.

    • Amy Amy

      Amy is Zach's seven year-old little sister and the pride and joy of her father. Independent and feisty, little Amy is quick to find trouble and seems to enjoy annoying her big brother. She loves horses and wears a bracelet that was given to her by her mom.

    • Old man Slater Old man Slater

      No one is quite sure where Old Man Slater comes from and very few people have ever even seen the mysterious wilderness man. Legend has it that he lost his hand during a fight with three grizzlies. Those who have met him say the bears fared much worse.

    • Brutus Brutus

      The dependable five year-old pooch has always been Zach and Amy's guardian angel. He is a fearless watch dog who will risk his own life to protect his family. Powerful and brave yet playful and gentle, Brutus is never too far from his two best friends.

    • Skull Skull

      There may not be a more feared predator in the entire mountain range than Skull. With snow white fur, this wolf-pack leader stands head and shoulders above his team of four-legged warriors. He gets his name from the skull shape patch of black fur found on the center of his chest.


    • Crystal Crystal

      On her eleventh birthday, Crystal receives a necklace that symbolizes the history of an evil ruler who ruined an entire civilization. A surprise trip across the world and her daring spirit offer her a glimpse into the past and the chance to save the planet from a similar fate.

    • Syed Syed

      A quiet and polite boy, Syed meets Crystal at the request of his grandfather. His quiet life is quickly turned upside down when his new friend pulls him into the darkest tunnels of an underground tomb. With no choice but to follow her lead, he quickly comes face to face with the legend of his country’s past.

    • Xavier Xavier

      After nearly 5000 years of silence, the ancient ruler Xavier is magically awakened. Egyptian legends speak of his passion for evil and quest for revenge. Xavier’s first task in his modern day surroundings is to escape his underground tomb, his second task is one that you don’t want to know.

    • Stone Guardians Stone Guardians

      Every great leader in the world needs protection and the four Stone Guardians that are created for Xavier are unmatched in their size and strength. Standing over ten feet tall, these giant soldiers will do anything to support the wishes of their master.

    • Man in the golden robe Man in the golden robe

      The mysterious man in the golden robe has an evil plan that could change the world forever. Rude and insensitive to others, he is convinced that life as we know it should change. The only thing that stands in his way are two adventurous kids with some strong ideas of their own.