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What makes Lunchbox Stories unique?

I have loved to read ever since I was a child, but I know that statement is not true for everyone. In creating Lunchbox Stories™, my hope is to generate a spark for those children who may be not be as interested in reading and offer them a unique and exciting way to explore the adventures that well-told stories can bring.

All Lunchbox Stories™ are creatively packaged in easy-to-read Chapter-Cards™ for reading ages 7-12 and provide a reading experience that kids can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Each Chapter-Card™ is less than 200 words, and as our name suggests, can be sent with a child's lunch in order for them to experience the twists and turns of every adventure by themselves or with friends. With full color illustrations and suspense that builds with each chapter, I hope kids will look forward to reading the surprises that await them each day. The unique design also makes Lunchbox Stories™ great for quick and consistent parent reading before bed or during the day, and teachers find they can use the short chapters to playfully regain the attention of the class after recess and lunch.

So whether Lunchbox Stories™ becomes a much anticipated jewel during a youngster's lunch break, a reward at school, or a nightly bedtime journey shared by the entire family, I hope the adventures keep you on the edge of your seat and that your child discovers a wonderful love for reading.

Brian Martin
Creator and Author of Lunchbox Stories™

Ways to use Lunchbox Stories™ Chapter-Cards™


  • A chapter a day sent with the noon-time meal
  • Easy tracking of regular after-school reading
  • Easy reading in the car between errands
  • Consistent and quick bedtime reading


  • Attention getting routine after recess (teacher reading)
  • Large group classroom reading (everyone gets a card)
  • Take home reading assignments (single card study)
  • Next-chapter reading rewards for students (incentive)

Imagination hour

Great for:

  • The Classroom
  • Libraries
  • Book Clubs
  • Book Stores
  • Scout Troops

Imagination Hour is like a book reading with more child interaction.

  • Imagination exercises
  • Writing and drawing tips
  • Reading of selected chapters of current Lunchbox Stories™
  • The story behind Lunchbox Stories™
  • Q&A with Author
  • A sneak preview into future Lunchbox Stories™

Contact us to learn more about how to bring a Lunchbox Stories™ IMAGINATION HOUR to your school or group